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The Spicy Shark Hot Sauce brand spotlight!

the spicy shark

What comes with the spotlight? Yes you guessed it, all Spicy Shark hot sauces on sale this week. Below are the Spicy Shark hot sauces in stock, check them out!

Hot Honey – this has quickly become a customer favorite. It has been hard to keep on the shelves and we are hearing this is being put into almost anything you can think of, and you only need a little dose of it so it goes a long way. Chili, baked beans, tacos, you name it – this goes well with it.

Caribbean Reef Shark Hot Sauce – another one getting nice reviews. Coconut milk, pineapple, and the native Caribbean Scotch Bonnet pepper, this one has a nice zing.

Megalodon Hot Sauce – I loved this movie and the dinosaur was also so scary. This 5-alarm sauce has a sweet cherry start with the blazing finish of the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Original Hot Sauce – haven’t tried this one yet but can’t really go wrong with habanero, right? It has the bold flavor of habanero that is tempered with the sweetness of carrot and ginger. Delicately balanced, but with a great white bite.

Wing Hot Sauce – Not much feedback on this one yet either, but always looking for a great wing sauce. This spicy shark original wing sauce is their dairy-free twist on a traditional wing sauce. Sweet red peppers meet spicy cayenne peppers, with a smooth vinegar garlic bite.

About the Spicy Shark

After growing up working in the restaurant business, and then 17 years in the beer industry, Founder Shark Gabe was ready for a change. He figured if he could take his two biggest passions, spicy food and sharks, and turn that into a career, it would be a pretty fun life.  With some family recipes, and help from his family and friends, he took the summer of 2018 to put together the blueprints for The Spicy Shark.  The feeding frenzy began February of 2019!

Eat the Heat, support the family business and have fun!

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