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Casa M Spice Co. to be on QVC and HSN!

One of our favorite brands Casa M Spice Co. will be featured on some major television broadcasts. They have brought in over 70 rewards and continue to build their brand. You can read about it more here. Please check out the spices we have, they are a staple in our house that’s for sure. Get them now while they are all on sale. These come with a stainless-steel shaker that you can use over and over again.

casa m spice pecking orderCategoriesBrand Spotlight

Casa M Spice Co Brand Spotlight

The best part about running a small store is that you get to sample all of the products. It is easy to stand behind the brands that you carry if you truly taste and sample them and enjoy them. All of the brands that we have had a spotlight post on them to date have been at the top of our favorite list and Casa M Spice Co is no exception. We have not had a spice we didn’t like and the 4 that we carry are now staples in our home!

Cattle Drive Beef Seasoning – this is our go to for all things beef. We use as a rub on our steaks, burnt ends, burgers, tacos, etc. It truly brings out the natural flavors of beef. While low in sodium it can easily replace your need for pepper. Also this comes with a stainless steel shaker and 1 cup of seasoning. That’s a ton of seasoning.

Chain Reaction Season-All – this truly is the perfect season-all. It’s an all-purpose seasoning to use on anything you wish. Another staple in the house and the same as all of the Casa M Spices that we carry, it comes with the stainless steel shaker.

Jerked Chain Jerk Seasoning – a base of Chain reaction this one is a Jamaican Jerk seasoning. Has a great flavor that brings out the tastes of the caribbean.

Pecking Order Poultry Seasoning – this is our latest addition to our spices. Having only tried it once so far, we cannot give it an accurate review, but early indication is that it will be great as all of the other spices from Casa M Spice Co.

Find out more about this brand here

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