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Shower Candy – Top 8 Reasons to make the switch

Our friends at Shower Candy were nice enough to give us the many reasons why we should be using the Shower Candy products. Below you find the top 8 reasons to make the switch to SHOWER CANDY shampoo and conditioner bars.

Stepping away from liquid shampoo alternatives has many benefits for both you and the
environment… not to mention, upgrading your shower experience.

1- Simplicity: We believe less is more. SHOWER CANDY’s shampoo bars were developed
with minimalist formulas including only a handful of natural ingredients. The unscented shampoo
bar has only three natural ingredients. Also without plastic bottles, there’s much less clutter in
the shower!

2- Eco-Friendly: Did you know that the average bottle of liquid shampoo or conditioner is over
80% water? We asked ourselves, why bottle and transport water when you’re already showering
in it? Ditch the bottle and go with a plastic-free hair care alternative in a shampoo bar. Not to
mention, SHOWER CANDY packs their shampoo bars in a 100% compostable pouch for a zero
waste hair care solution. Enjoy a salon quality wash, guilt free knowing that by using a
SHOWER CANDY solid hair care bar you are reducing the environmental impact of your daily
cleansing routine.

3- Great for travel: One of the top reasons people make the switch to solid hair care products
are because they travel often. Shampoo bars are easy to travel with, they are TSA compliant
and they can be thrown into a carry-on luggage, backpack and duffle bag without having to
worry about spilling or leakage. Perfect shampoo for camping, backpacking, beach days, weekend
trips and eco-friendly travelers as they are reusable and compact in size.

4- Consistent Hair Care: If you travel often and use different hotel or airbnb shampoo or
conditioners in those tiny bottles, you know how hard it is to keep your hair looking consistent.
It’s no surprise because switching your hair care products regularly can be impacting your hairs
health by stripping your hair of natural oils. By making the switch to SHOWER CANDY solid hair
care solutions, you can keep your same haircare routine with you as you travel which will result
in healthier hair and silky smooth consistent look day in and day out.

5- Value: Shampoo bars are great for extended trips as well as everyday hair care routines. One
shampoo bar is equivalent to two 12 fl oz bottles of liquid alternative and will last 50-75 washes.
A typical liquid shampoo or conditioner is made up of over 80% water and contains only 20%
active ingredients. With a SHOWER CANDY concentrated shampoo bar you get 100% active
ingredients for long lasting results.

6- Quality Natural Ingredients: Made in the U.S.A with the highest quality, natural, vegan, crueltyfree
and plant-based ingredients available, SHOWER CANDY shampoo bars lather quickly to
moisturize the scalp and clean your hair. Our natural shampoo bars do not include filler ingredients
or chemical preservatives like an average liquid shampoo that can damage your hair. Our natural
shampoo bars are free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and plastic bottles.

7- Color safe for all hair types: Our unisex shampoo and conditioner bars are gender nuetral
and are great for all hair types including curly, dry, thick, damaged, oily, fine and color treated hair.
Our good for your hair shampoo bars leave your hair feeling soft and tangle free using safe
ingredients that naturally treat and restore your hair to its original shiny state without stripping it of
natural oils.

8 – OUR MISSION – STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION: Save a bottle, save the earth with our plastic
free shampoo bars which are packaged in a 100% compostable pouch and leave zero waste. Vote
with your money to help rid the ocean of micro plastics while upgrading your daily self-care routine to
clean beauty, eco-friendly hair care products.