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$4 Sale – All Hotter Than El Hot Sauce

This is the lowest price we have ever seen for these. Pick them up while they last, limited quantities available. Grab them here or click below.

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New hot items arriving daily!

New hot items are arriving daily – I was going to post these separately as they are probably geared towards different audiences but – hey there is something for everyone here!

First, we have added a new tea to our lineup from Nature’s Vine. It is a green tea matcha called Get Focused. Haven’t tried this one yet, but this one is high in caffeine so it could replace your morning coffee fix.

Next up is a new jerky from Bull’s Head. The Teriyaki has been selling like hot cakes (still not sure what that means – do pancakes sell quickly? is hot cakes, pancakes? I don’t know). Anyways we got one in called Tropical Fusion which has some mango pineapple in it. Can’t wait to try it.

Next, we have a new red BBQ Sauce from Bully Sauce Brand. If you haven’t had their White Bully Sauce you are missing out, but we finally got the Red in just in time for BBQ grilling season. Oh, and we re-stocked the White as well.

As I post this it looks like we have gotten in many more than 3 new items the past few weeks so most of those are listed below.

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Fat Cat Sale!

Fat Cat Sale – For a limited time, we are putting one of our favorite brands on sale. All Fat Cat Hot Sauces will be marked down to $5.00. If you haven’t tried this brand what are you waiting for? Fat Cat Gourmet Hot Sauces were formed by husband and wife team Eyal Goldshmid and Deborah Moskowitz. Of course they came up with their company name from their late ‘fat cat’ Tiggy who was 23 lbs! Anyways their gourmet hot sauces and specialty condiments are purr-fect for grilling, marinating, dipping, finishing and more. I am not one to love the really really hot sauces so I stay away from those, but some of the ones we have in stock are more of the mild variety.

Fat Cat EveryDay Red is my personal favorite. Like I said above I can’t handle the hot ones so this one is nice and mild but with amazing flavor. It does have a mild kick to it, but we (my son and I) have been putting this on everything from tacos to eggs to pizza. If you like a truly everyday hot sauce this one is for you.

Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Gujaillo Ghost – yes you read that right. A ‘mild’ ghost pepper? This truly is a mild sauce, tastes more like a steak sauce to us. It has nice flavor and has replaced our A-1 staple in the fridge.

Fat Cat Mexican Style – this one here goes with the name as well. It fits well on tacos, enchiladas, eggs, chicken. This one is much hotter than the ones above so while it’s in our fridge, we save it for the right moments – when we have lots of water or beer next to us.

Fat Cat Peach Maple Bourbon – Believe it or not we have not tried this one yet. It sure does sound delicious though. Mentioned to be good on ham, turkey or fish.

Fat Cat – Cat in Heat Chipotle – yes I saved the really hot one for last. This one is too hot for me, but I have a friend who loves the really hot sauces and he claims it is not that hot, but has great flavor. Kick up your sandwiches, eggs, BBQ, stews and chili with just a few drops.

Well there is our spotlight brand for the week. We can’t say enough good things about them and will continue to partner with them on new and upcoming products! Enjoy the discounted prices!

Also I lied only 2 are in our fridge right now, the one we took to a family members, but here are the 5 flavors in stock.

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Tom & Jenny’s sugar free caramels on sale!

All Tom & Jenny’s caramels are on sale. Guaranteed the lowest prices you will find. Grab them they while they last.