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rockys honey hot sauce

Rocky’s Hot Sauce – Brand Spotlight

Rocky’s Hot Sauce is one of our most popular and best-selling brands. We started to get these in a few months back and one of our sales reps (my brother) took a few samples to his place of employment. While eating lunch he will sometimes share our products with his co-workers and wow did he get some amazing reactions. For every sample a bottle or more has been purchased, that’s how good they are.

We currently have 5 different delicious flavors.

Bacon Hot Sauce – This one is tough to keep in stock. Very popular, this one sold out 5 times last year from Rocky’s.

Garlic Hot Sauce – this will be your new everything sauce. Perfect for wings, pizza, etc. This particular sauce gets the most searches on our site.

Honey Hot Sauce – funny story is that this is the main reason we decided to begin to carry Rocky’s. We were looking for another Hot Honey to sell. This is not hot honey, it is honey hot sauce and it’s delicious with just enough heat.

Nashville Hot Sauce – this is Rocky’s hottest hot sauce. Too hot for me because I can’t handle the heat, but this is also a top-seller.

Original Hot Sauce – another great one for wings. Rocky’s never seems to disappoint.

Learn more about Rocky’s on their site, a wonderful family selling hot sauce.

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