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Wholly Chipolte

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All natural Chipotle BBQ Rub

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Miners Mix Wholly Chipotle Handcrafted Gourmet BBQ Rub was a 2017 first place Scovie Award Winner. If you like things spicy, chipotle for the uninitiated, is smoked jalapeno. This rub, being 23.5% genuine chipotle, packs some serious, smoky heat to provide a wonderful, bold spicy kick to steaks, ribs, pork, chicken, popcorn, or veggies. It’s also especially good for “amping” up the flavor of bloody Mary cocktails or to augment any other seasoning, and it’s phenomenal with grilled fruit, especially grilled fresh pineapple. Wholly Chipotle contains no MSG, and at 95 mg sodium/serving, this rub is definitely lower in sodium than other seasonings. It can be applied heavily, if desired without fear of over salting. Our slogan: “If it didn’t exist in 1850, it ain’t in here” means that everything in every Miners Mix product is made from only natural ingredients with nothing artificial or manmade.

1 review for Wholly Chipolte

  1. ejhepler1220

    new staple rub, can be used on almost everything

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