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Double Chocolate MCT Collagen | 2-3g Net Carbs

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MCTbar Double Chocolate

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NuSkool Snacks – Double Chocolate MCT Collagen | 2-3g Net Carbs

MCT Collagen bar is a Keto Protein Bar with 0g Added Sugar and 2-3g Net Carbs.

10g Grass Fed Collagen Protein (for hair, skin, and nail support).

7g Prebiotic Fiber (for gut health).

MCT Oil (for clean energy, brain function, and boosted metabolism).

MCTbar is as clean as it gets; dairy free, gluten free, soy free, non GMO and contains no sugar alcohols or palm oil. This Superfood Dessert Bar is sweetened with monk fruit creating a truffle-like texture with no funny aftertaste.

Made in United States of America

2 reviews for Double Chocolate MCT Collagen | 2-3g Net Carbs

  1. ejhepler1220

    The MCTbars are just ok in my opinion. Some will love them some will hate them.

  2. Dennybun

    Not everyone will love this bar but I like to freeze them and eat it like a post workout snack. It’s very nutty flavor so if you don’t love peanuts or almond butter it’s not for you !

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