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Aardvark Habanero Sauce

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Habanero Hot Sauce, ranked top 10 hot sauce in USA

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Aardvark Habanero Sauce by Secret Aardvark trading co.

This is not your typical hot sauce! While most hot sauces are vinegar-based, Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce features the sweetness of tomatoes and carrots followed by the heat and flavor of habanero peppers. Our goal is to make your food taste great by finding the balance between flavor and burn. This is a table hot sauce for everyday use. It goes great on eggs, pizza, and tamales; use for marinating any type of meat or tofu. Really, there’s nothing that this can’t go on!

Size: 8 oz

Unit Dimensions: 2x2x6 l x w x h (inches)

Made in United States of America


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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 6 in

1 review for Aardvark Habanero Sauce


    I can’t get enough of the Aardvark Habanero Sauce. I didn’t notice all of the other suggested uses for the sauce until after I received it and now I can’t wait to try them.

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