Hot Sauces and Spices

We strive to find top quality small batch products.  If a product does not hit the mark, we simply will not carry it again.  We ensure satisfaction and will continue to carry the best in class small batch products that we can get our hands on.

In this section you will see Hot Sauces ranging from mild to extra hot.  We will always carry at least 5 hot sauces from the show Hot Ones.  Some of our most popular brands are Cantina Royal, Karma Sauce, Fat Cat, Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce, Rocky’s Hot Sauce and the Spicy Shark.

You will see some BBQ sauces, some have heat, some don’t.   Our favorite mild BBQ sauces come from Bully Sauce.  We also have Rising Smokeworks and Fat Boy.

And we also have a limited supply of spices.  Our top sellers come from Casa M Spice Co, a must-have staple and Grill Party BBQ.

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