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New hot items arriving daily!

bully red sauce

New hot items are arriving daily – I was going to post these separately as they are probably geared towards different audiences but – hey there is something for everyone here!

First, we have added a new tea to our lineup from Nature’s Vine. It is a green tea matcha called Get Focused. Haven’t tried this one yet, but this one is high in caffeine so it could replace your morning coffee fix.

Next up is a new jerky from Bull’s Head. The Teriyaki has been selling like hot cakes (still not sure what that means – do pancakes sell quickly? is hot cakes, pancakes? I don’t know). Anyways we got one in called Tropical Fusion which has some mango pineapple in it. Can’t wait to try it.

Next, we have a new red BBQ Sauce from Bully Sauce Brand. If you haven’t had their White Bully Sauce you are missing out, but we finally got the Red in just in time for BBQ grilling season. Oh, and we re-stocked the White as well.

As I post this it looks like we have gotten in many more than 3 new items the past few weeks so most of those are listed below.

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