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Welcome Grill Party BBQ to RC Outlet

Another brand and more great items arriving. We were asked for more seasonings, and we have added 3 more to our inventory, check them out below!

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Take a look at some of our latest products!

We are very excited to get some of these new products and brands in. Freshest peanuts you will ever taste, coolest Bug Zapper you will ever own and best new Organic Hot Sauces

Hot HoneyCategoriesNew Products

Did someone say Hot Honey?

We have been carrying the delicious and customer favorite Spicy Shark Hot Honey for almost a year now. We decided to bring in some other award-winning Hot Honeys including the most famous hot honey in the United States (Mike’s Hot Honey) so we can do some taste comparisons. We have a hard time believing that anyone can top the Spicy Shark version, but we are anxious to find out. Do you want to try? See below for all of our new Hot Honeys!

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New products in from a Happy Company!

Have to watch what you say in these posts…for some reason certain social media sites do not like the word ‘Health’…makes sense right? Anyways, 5 new non-gmo and vegan products in. These all sound fantastic! Happy Healthy Hippie Archives – RC Outlet (