The Bitter Housewife Sampler 1CategoriesChristmas Sale

Cocktails are a necessity during the holidays!

Try some of our new bitters just in from The Bitter Housewife or some of our popular bitters from the Portland Bitters Project.

Hell's Kitchen - Westside RedCategoriesChristmas Sale Hot Sauce

Hell’s Kitchen Westside Red back in stock!

Another tough one to find and one of our customers’ favorites. Grab it before it’s gone, it will sell out quick. Also coming in a few other favorites from Hell’s Kitchen – stay tuned!

Casa M Spice Cattle DriveCategoriesChristmas Sale

Best spices that you’ve never had yet!

These spices will be your staple spices I promise you. All delicious and you won’t find these in many stores yet! rcholidaysavings coupon code for 15% off!

Good Karma SauceCategoriesChristmas Sale

Hot Sauces make great stocking stuffers!

As you know we have some of the best hot sauces in the US! Surprise your family by getting them hot sauces for their stocking stuffers that they won’t be able to find in the store. rcholidaysavings  coupon code for 15% off!