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Casa M Spice Co. to be on QVC and HSN!

One of our favorite brands Casa M Spice Co. will be featured on some major television broadcasts. They have brought in over 70 rewards and continue to build their brand. You can read about it more here. Please check out the spices we have, they are a staple in our house that’s for sure. Get them now while they are all on sale. These come with a stainless-steel shaker that you can use over and over again.

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Shower Candy – Top 8 Reasons to make the switch

Our friends at Shower Candy were nice enough to give us the many reasons why we should be using the Shower Candy products. Below you find the top 8 reasons to make the switch to SHOWER CANDY shampoo and conditioner bars.

Stepping away from liquid shampoo alternatives has many benefits for both you and the
environment… not to mention, upgrading your shower experience.

1- Simplicity: We believe less is more. SHOWER CANDY’s shampoo bars were developed
with minimalist formulas including only a handful of natural ingredients. The unscented shampoo
bar has only three natural ingredients. Also without plastic bottles, there’s much less clutter in
the shower!

2- Eco-Friendly: Did you know that the average bottle of liquid shampoo or conditioner is over
80% water? We asked ourselves, why bottle and transport water when you’re already showering
in it? Ditch the bottle and go with a plastic-free hair care alternative in a shampoo bar. Not to
mention, SHOWER CANDY packs their shampoo bars in a 100% compostable pouch for a zero
waste hair care solution. Enjoy a salon quality wash, guilt free knowing that by using a
SHOWER CANDY solid hair care bar you are reducing the environmental impact of your daily
cleansing routine.

3- Great for travel: One of the top reasons people make the switch to solid hair care products
are because they travel often. Shampoo bars are easy to travel with, they are TSA compliant
and they can be thrown into a carry-on luggage, backpack and duffle bag without having to
worry about spilling or leakage. Perfect shampoo for camping, backpacking, beach days, weekend
trips and eco-friendly travelers as they are reusable and compact in size.

4- Consistent Hair Care: If you travel often and use different hotel or airbnb shampoo or
conditioners in those tiny bottles, you know how hard it is to keep your hair looking consistent.
It’s no surprise because switching your hair care products regularly can be impacting your hairs
health by stripping your hair of natural oils. By making the switch to SHOWER CANDY solid hair
care solutions, you can keep your same haircare routine with you as you travel which will result
in healthier hair and silky smooth consistent look day in and day out.

5- Value: Shampoo bars are great for extended trips as well as everyday hair care routines. One
shampoo bar is equivalent to two 12 fl oz bottles of liquid alternative and will last 50-75 washes.
A typical liquid shampoo or conditioner is made up of over 80% water and contains only 20%
active ingredients. With a SHOWER CANDY concentrated shampoo bar you get 100% active
ingredients for long lasting results.

6- Quality Natural Ingredients: Made in the U.S.A with the highest quality, natural, vegan, crueltyfree
and plant-based ingredients available, SHOWER CANDY shampoo bars lather quickly to
moisturize the scalp and clean your hair. Our natural shampoo bars do not include filler ingredients
or chemical preservatives like an average liquid shampoo that can damage your hair. Our natural
shampoo bars are free of parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and plastic bottles.

7- Color safe for all hair types: Our unisex shampoo and conditioner bars are gender nuetral
and are great for all hair types including curly, dry, thick, damaged, oily, fine and color treated hair.
Our good for your hair shampoo bars leave your hair feeling soft and tangle free using safe
ingredients that naturally treat and restore your hair to its original shiny state without stripping it of
natural oils.

8 – OUR MISSION – STOP PLASTIC POLLUTION: Save a bottle, save the earth with our plastic
free shampoo bars which are packaged in a 100% compostable pouch and leave zero waste. Vote
with your money to help rid the ocean of micro plastics while upgrading your daily self-care routine to
clean beauty, eco-friendly hair care products.

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Casa M Spice Co Brand Spotlight

The best part about running a small store is that you get to sample all of the products. It is easy to stand behind the brands that you carry if you truly taste and sample them and enjoy them. All of the brands that we have had a spotlight post on them to date have been at the top of our favorite list and Casa M Spice Co is no exception. We have not had a spice we didn’t like and the 4 that we carry are now staples in our home!

Cattle Drive Beef Seasoning – this is our go to for all things beef. We use as a rub on our steaks, burnt ends, burgers, tacos, etc. It truly brings out the natural flavors of beef. While low in sodium it can easily replace your need for pepper. Also this comes with a stainless steel shaker and 1 cup of seasoning. That’s a ton of seasoning.

Chain Reaction Season-All – this truly is the perfect season-all. It’s an all-purpose seasoning to use on anything you wish. Another staple in the house and the same as all of the Casa M Spices that we carry, it comes with the stainless steel shaker.

Jerked Chain Jerk Seasoning – a base of Chain reaction this one is a Jamaican Jerk seasoning. Has a great flavor that brings out the tastes of the caribbean.

Pecking Order Poultry Seasoning – this is our latest addition to our spices. Having only tried it once so far, we cannot give it an accurate review, but early indication is that it will be great as all of the other spices from Casa M Spice Co.

Find out more about this brand here

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Hotter Than El Brand Spotlight

Based out of Sanford, Florida Hotter Than El is another small batch shop that focuses on quality with no artificial flavors. We currently only carry a few of their hot sauces right now, but we must say we have not been disappointed. None of their sauces contain sugar, preservatives or artificial colors. Well let’s get to it!

Purple Haze Hot Sauce – one of our customers calls this hot sauce ‘unique’. I think that really hits the nail on the head. It is more of a sweet sauce that can be applied to almost anything and is good on pork or even waffles and pancakes! I’d call that unique for sure.

Gator Jake’s Rajun Cajun – With a great hot sauce name comes a great hot sauce flavor. A two-time award-winning Louisiana style hot sauce, that is garlic forward. Who doesn’t love garlic? They took the typical Cajun hot sauce and made it better. This one has become another staple in our house. It is made with cayenne peppers.

24 karat gold hot sauce – Another award-winning Caribbean style hot sauce. Very good taste and cool color – kind of like ‘gold’. This one is made with habanero peppers.

Hotter Than El is basically a no-frills company. They don’t write a lot about their products because they really don’t have to. Once you try one of their hot sauces you are hooked. Trust us, all we have ever received has been rave reviews. We can’t wait to continue to work with the Florida folks, great people that are continually supporting great causes.

Oh, we almost forgot to mention – all Hotter than El Sauces will be reduced to $5.00 for the next week.

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The Spicy Shark Hot Sauce brand spotlight!

What comes with the spotlight? Yes you guessed it, all Spicy Shark hot sauces on sale this week. Below are the Spicy Shark hot sauces in stock, check them out!

Hot Honey – this has quickly become a customer favorite. It has been hard to keep on the shelves and we are hearing this is being put into almost anything you can think of, and you only need a little dose of it so it goes a long way. Chili, baked beans, tacos, you name it – this goes well with it.

Caribbean Reef Shark Hot Sauce – another one getting nice reviews. Coconut milk, pineapple, and the native Caribbean Scotch Bonnet pepper, this one has a nice zing.

Megalodon Hot Sauce – I loved this movie and the dinosaur was also so scary. This 5-alarm sauce has a sweet cherry start with the blazing finish of the Carolina Reaper pepper.

Original Hot Sauce – haven’t tried this one yet but can’t really go wrong with habanero, right? It has the bold flavor of habanero that is tempered with the sweetness of carrot and ginger. Delicately balanced, but with a great white bite.

Wing Hot Sauce – Not much feedback on this one yet either, but always looking for a great wing sauce. This spicy shark original wing sauce is their dairy-free twist on a traditional wing sauce. Sweet red peppers meet spicy cayenne peppers, with a smooth vinegar garlic bite.

About the Spicy Shark

After growing up working in the restaurant business, and then 17 years in the beer industry, Founder Shark Gabe was ready for a change. He figured if he could take his two biggest passions, spicy food and sharks, and turn that into a career, it would be a pretty fun life.  With some family recipes, and help from his family and friends, he took the summer of 2018 to put together the blueprints for The Spicy Shark.  The feeding frenzy began February of 2019!

Eat the Heat, support the family business and have fun!