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Go with the Flow

Happy Healthy Hippie – Brand Spotlight

This brand has 2 of our most popular products in Go with the Flow and Joy-Filled. Raw, Natural & Simple. Happy Healthy Hippie provides you with nutrition consisting of ingredients that are naturally grown. They use natural herbs & plants as the main ingredients in their products. They are also vegan and earth friendly meaning non-gmo with the environment in mind. We cannot say enough good things about this group. They are hippies living in a tiny California beach town and are so passionate about living a happy & healthy life. Take a look below at some of their products that we currently carry. All Happy Healthy Hippie products are on sale at the moment.

Get your Greens – healthy & refreshing way for you to get the nutrients you need. Take it from me, this taste fantastic. I truly look forward to having them daily with almost anything, water, almond milk, a smoothie, whatever you desire.

A Little Pick Me Up – natural boost of energy without caffeine. Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Be Grounded – have trouble with stress and anxiety? Then this is the one for you, a fast-acting formula to calm your mind and body.

Go with the Flow – can’t say I tried this one, but our most popular product. This one is tough to keep in stock. This plant-based product helps with menopausal and PMS relief.

Organic Maca – Maca is a huge seller on Amazon. These helps improve sexual function, libido, and fertility.

Joy-Filled – Another formula to help with anxiousness while supporting a positive mood. Another very popular seller.

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