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Savory Taco and Casa M Spice

Savory Taco Seasoning on Taco Monday

We couldn’t wait until Tuesday, so we made it Taco Monday! We combine Grill Party BBQ’s Savory Taco Seasoning with Casa M Spice Co’s Cattle Drive for the perfect flavor! Check out Grill Party BBQ’s site when you get a chance. And be sure to read about the Casa M Spice story. Casa M Spice has become a staple in our house. We use the Cattle Drive on tacos, burgers, steaks, just about any meat we get our hands on. Since we started carrying the Grill Party BBQ brand, that has also become another staple. We love that the Savory Taco Seasoning has all of the ingredients we used to use to make our own taco seasoning. The next time you make tacos you must try this combo. All of the flavor you would ever want in your tacos. Just ask my family!

If you are looking for other spices check out the other ones we carry on our site. We only carry top quality. If a product does not meet our expectations, we simply do not sell it anymore. We have had a few brands that we sold for a little while, but once we determined that they were average in quality and/or taste, we discontinued them.

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